RV Appraisal


Peeling Furniture?:
Stains on Carpet?:
Cracked Tiles or Tears in Flooring?:
Odors Pet or Other?:
Any Modifications made to interior? (Furniture Removed/Added, Painting):
Previous or Current Water Intrusion/Leaking?:
Any Soft Spots on Floors, Walls, or Roof?:
Rust? (excessive):
Fogged Windows?:
Windshield Cracks or Chips?:
Diamond Shield/3M Shield Moldy?:
Roof Condition Good?:
Clearcoat peeling?:
Paint or Decal Fading?:
Body Damage?:
Need Paint work?:
Previous Accidents?:
Any Insurance Claims Prior or Current?:
Leveling System Operational?:
Slide outs Operational?:
All Appliances Working?:
HVAC Sytems Working? (Roof A/C's, Furnaces, Hydronic Heating, Etc):
Warning Lights on Dash? (ABS, Check Engine, etc.):
Dash A/C Blow Cold?:

Free Standing Options Not Standard To Model

Extended Warranty?:
Blowout Protection? (Tyron,RettroBand):
Basement Freezer/Cooler?:
Heated Floors?:
Upgraded Awning Package? (Girard,Nova etc):
Slide out Trays in Basement?:
Satellite Dish?:
*This form was designed as a convenient way to accurately describe your vehicle. Please let us know If there are any concerns not listed on this questionnaire that we should know of. All on line appraisal numbers are subject to in person inspection at time of delivery.

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