Glades Advantage


Being a boutique-style dealership has its advantages. At Glades RV, our primary focus is on the quality of our customer’s experience. What this means to you is you will have the attention you deserve before, during, and after the sale. Big box stores, whose primary focus is on quantity, put immense pressure on their employees to reach lofty goals. Some are willing to sacrifice the quality of their customer’s experience for volume. Many have good intentions, but when you sell that many, there becomes an inability to properly care for your customer during and after the sale. Glades RV is committed to not losing focus on what is most important-developing and maintaining relationships with our guests. Our intentions are to remain a boutique-sized store that specializes in hand-picked quality consignments.

Selling an RV

Our size dealership also has advantages for selling your RV. To put it simply, we have less units to promote. What this means to you is we can put more time and energy into the promotion of your RV. More attention to details like pictures, description, cleaning, etc. all the while becoming more familiar with your RV. This means knowing the story of your RV, the history, how it was used, what improvements were made. Our salespeople will study your make and model and perform presentations opposite their peers demonstrating the benefits of your RV. Another Glades advantage is we do not carry new lines which compete against your unit. The big dealers have a vested interest in their inventory. They are burdened with large interest payments to floorplan companies. This means they will always prefer to sell their own units. At Glades RV we can focus solely on your RV.

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